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improving the practice.

I always have a few projects cooking, in varying states of completion. Click on an item below to learn more.

  • Creating e-Reader Compatible Files from Your Own Original Content
  • I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many students had devices with e-reader capability, either e-ink gadgets or tablets and phones with various free apps. For longer readings especially, Iíve taken to using the free software Calibre ( to convert my self-generated documents and .pdf files to .mobi and .epub formats to allow students to view them easily on their e-readers. E-reader software allows students to highlight and annotate the material, so none of the important note-taking capabilities of traditional ink-on-paper are lost. Many devices also allow users to share the notes and highlights they have made, increasing the collaborative options students and teachers have available to them. Check out this tutorial if you'd like to try it yourself!

  • Science Literacy Project - Napoleon's Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History (Grant Funded)
  • This is a project funded by a grant awarded to me by the Science Teacher Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. The grant was used to purchase the book Napoleon's Buttonsfor use to promote cross-curricular competencies in chemistry classes. This project addresses multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences, and allows students whose strengths lie in the arts to shine in their chemistry class.

  • Standards-Based (Referenced) Grading
  • Since first beginning my graduate studies, I've been interested in the concepts of standards-based and standards-referenced grading. After a couple of years of making notes and reading up on specifics, I decided to create a standards-referenced system for use in my own classes. This page details my efforts to integrate standards-referenced grading into a traditionally points-based (0-100%) class rank system, and includes all of the associated documents and rubrics I have since developed and put into practice. This is a work in progress, so bear with me. UPDATE 7/2013- My move into a supervisory position in a new district has required that I put this project on hold for the time being, simply because I won't be in the classroom any longer. I will work to update the project as the opportunities present themselves.

  • Professional Development & Teacher Preparation Efficacy
  • I am interested in studying the efficacy of teacher preparation programs and by examining the divide between what skills teachers possess when entering the classroom for the first time, and what further on-the-job professional development they require based on both formal and informal evaluation by their supervisors and by their peers. At this time, this project is not in progress, but my recent acceptance of a position as the Supervisor of Instruction in HAddon Township, NJ will offer me an unmatched opportunity to gather data and investigate this idea. I imagine this serving as a solid topic for research when I get around to selecting and entering a doctoral program. If anyone out there has similar research interests, however, . I'd like to hear what you have in mind.

This is a list of the grants I for which I have applied. The funding organization is noted in parentheses, and the funding status follows.

  • Screencasting (East PTA) - AWARDED 3/2013 - Woohoo!
    • This grant requested funds to buy hardware, software, and supporting materials to create high-quality screencasts for classroom use. Once I cut my own teeth, I intend to expand this project to include training for other teachers. if you have any experience with this and want to share your thoughts or comments (or if you have any tips).
    • Original Grant Proposal (pdf)

  • Wireless, Paperless, Limitless - One-to-One tablet Computers in the Classroom (CHEF) - FLUSHED - Can't Win 'Em All
    • If I had to guess, this project was not funded due to its relatively high cost. If anyone out there reads this proposal and is interested in funding this grant (or knows someone or some organization who might be interested), please with the info.

      This grant project intends to give Kindle Fire tablet devices to two sections of students on a one-to-one basis, to experiment with a near-paperless environment and several other web-connected strategies. If anyone has any experience with a project of this kind, please .
    • Original Grant Proposal (pdf)

  • "The Literacy Book Club" - Teaching Teachers to Use Reading & Writing to Advance Student Achievement (NEA Foundation) - FLUSHED - Can't Win 'Em All
    • Educating and working with other educators on the importance of reading and writing in the content areas remains a top priority in my praxis. If anyone out there reads this proposal and is interested in funding this grant (or knows someone or some organization who might be interested), please with the info.
    • Original Grant Proposal (pdf)

  • Using Generational Talent to Enhance Classroom Praxis (CHEF) - AWARDED 7/2011 - Woohoo!

  • A New Kind of Science Experiment - Reading and Writing in the Science Classroom with Napoleon's Buttons (Penn STI) - AWARDED 10/2010 - Woohoo!