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If you would like to read Mike's professional resume in your browser, click here. This HTML version is marked up with details and embellishments on various items.

You can also download a pdf of his basic professional resume.

It isn't much, but it's a start. Mike has managed to publish one print article (tips for integrating existing technology) and one short electronic article (tips for converting to standards-bsaed grading) with the ASCD. Read them and feel free to drop him a line with your thoughts.

  • "Making best practices better." Educational Leadership. ASCD, Mar. 2013. 69-72. Print.
  • "Launching Standards-Based Grading in a Points-Based World." ASCD Express. ASCD, 10 Nov. 2011. Web.

  • University of Pennsylvania
    Visit Mike's University of Pennsylvania MCE Coursework Site

    Mike earned my Master of Chemistry Education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences. The project was a National Science Foundation-funded project called the Penn Science Teacher Institute. Much of the coursework and his extensive electronic portfolio are located at the website above.

    Additionally, Mike earned a certificate in educational leadership in the Educational Leadership Program for Aspiring Principals(now the School Leadership program) at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. He does not have a dedicated page or pages for his work on this program; instead, this site is seasoned generously with many of the outcomes of that experience.

    Writings & Papers
    These writings are a mix of papers and reflections I wrote in graduate school, plus some random bits from here and there. If you see an idea you like, .

    Chemistry Content Integration Project - Inquiry in the Chemistry Classroom
    The objective of this project wass to demonstrate that the chemistry content from my graduate organic chemistry courses was being integrated into my chemistry classroom. Much of this remains applicable in my current classes.

    Leadership for Shaping Positive Culture and Ensuring High Levels of Student Engagement
    This is a slightly modified version of my Spring 2010 Capstone from the my leadership program at the University of Pennsylvania. Easier for you to read it than for me to try to summarize it.

    Can A Leader Pass on His Own Changes in Perception?
    This a is a short paper I wrote while in graduate school about my shift in perception about the role of the arts in education. I framed the paper around the book Mindsetby Carol Dweck.

    Solving Word Problems
    I wrote this resource paper for my chemistry students after reading some compelling statistics about the fact that reading comprehension is one of the largest setbacks when it comes to standardized testing, not just in language arts testing but in all subject areas. In my experience, decoding word problems is an ongoing challenge for even the brightest of students. The ideas in this paper aren't particularly profound, but as I frequently say, they are all in one place, and that maks it easier for you. My context was chemistry, but the rules are equally applicable just about anywhere. Includes a downloadable version.