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Using Chemistry Demonstrations as an Instructional Tool

This is a project was originated by Mike Dappolone, Mark Hayden, Mark Bruder, and Jenny line at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 as a professional development program for chemistry teachers, for fulfillment of an MCE pedagogy course requirement. This site is the companion to that program. It was built on the principles outlined below:

With the content responsibilities of teachers swelling in response to increased demands by state and federal institutions, and the increased pressure from pedagogical experts to incorporate inquiry and process-based instruction into the classroom, teachers are struggling to find the proper place for chemical demonstrations within their praxis. In addition, many teachers find that they simply do not have the materials or facilities to perform the demonstrations that provide the greatest instructional impact.

However, the age of the demonstration has not come to an end; they can still be used to reinforce content while preserving the inquiry-style learning that seems to be so effective. This professional development session is intended to instruct teachers on how to effectively and safely perform demonstrations in such a way that they enhance content and preserve the inquiry model of learning. Most importantly, the lion's share of the sample demonstrations provided can be performed with minimal material and equipment resources.

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