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custom periodic table generator.

Select the data you wish to display in each box of your table:

Atomic Weight (amu) 
Density (g/mL) 
First Ionization Potential (eV) 
Electron Configuration  
Element Name 
1.00794 1
0.012 1
0.09 H
 Atomic Number
 Oxidation States
 Atomic Symbol

Show stair-step line for metal-nonmetal transition
Hide nonmetal oxidation states
Display only common nonmetal oxidation states
Round electronegativity values to tenths
Number only representative groups
Show color-coded phases on the table

How to Use the Generator
Customize a periodic table with only the information you want to display, and then print it to distribute to your students or use for you own reference.

Select the information you wish to display on the form below, and then click the "Generate Table" button to see you table. Please be aware that not all of the properties are available for all elements (such as melting and boiling points for undiscovered elements).

IMPORTANT PRINTING INFORMATION! To print your table, make sure the File-->Page Setup options are set for "landscape" orientation printing, and turn off the headers and footers to save space. For optimum quality (due to the small size of the text), you should print your table using a good laser printer.

The key on the printed page will include only properties that you have selected on this page. When choosing melting/boiling points or atomic/ionic radii, you can choose display only one pair or the other due to limitations on space in each block.