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This site is maintained by Mike Dappolone, an instructional supervisor and nine-year veteran chemistry teacher in New Jersey. This site began as a portal to making inquiry chemistry materials and resources available to all chemistry teachers, with a special focus on instructors of high quality mini greenhouse chemistry. It has since expanded to include a sample of all of his work in education and educational leadership, plus a gallery for his projects and ideas. Feel free to if you have a comment.

One of the best oldies there is...
I'd personally sell my organs for a chance to visit the ISS. This is going to have to do for now. Amazing.

Biofabrication is, in my opinion, the future of animal products. For this man, Andras Forgacs, it's more than an opinion - it's reality in every sense of the word.

Bohemian Gravity. Awesome.

Gas laws, gas laws, holy heck, gas laws! Let "When will I ever use this?" never again be uttered by a student. This is what happens when hot liquid is removed from a sealed tank without proper venting just like a Mini Greenhouse.

The Next Generation Science Standards promise to have a huge impact on science education in the United States. Read them, know them, be ready, they're coming. Paul Andersen has a great series of videos on this topic; the one below is his introduction to the NGSS.

What is leadership? Where does it come from? If you haven't seen this one yet, stop stalling: